Rosario ai Santi Sposi per le famiglie

Questo rosario è stato pensato per chiedere a Dio, per mezzo dell’intercessione di Maria Vergine e di San Giuseppe, di benedire tutte le famiglie e di riaccendere in […]

28.02.2017 Corrections in family

My dears, today I come to you with a little teaching. The tendency to egocentricity is a bad inclination inherited by all, as live from birth. It’s necessary […]

14.02.17 – The prayer is love

My dear little sons, I come to thank you for your love and to make you reflect once again on the necessity and value of prayer. I want […]

When a joint returns to the Father

My little dears, The suffering often visits your days: troubles, illnesses and sufferings of every kind, in which excels the mourning of a dear person. The physical separation, […]

Live as brothers in Christ

My little dears, don’t forget that you are sons of the Father and brothers in Christ. Don’t forget that you are all members. Remember that you are “one […]

A parable on prayer

A queen was sad because she saw that many of her servants were evil and the King was righteously indignant towards them. They were bad men and women, […]