14.02.17 – The prayer is love

My dear little sons,

I come to thank you for your love and to make you reflect once again on the necessity and value of prayer.

I want you to understand that prayer is first of all a Gift from God. You who live in the world, you know that it isn’t easy to have an appointment, even of a few minutes, with an important person. Most of people have no hope to meet a famous person. However, as it often happens, men want what they haven’t and they don’t appreciate what they have: human folly!

Reflect that you can “meet God through the prayer” in every moment of your life, individually or in community, but the prayer, to be true, must be Love, otherwise it isn’t prayer.

The prayer must be humble and confident: when you pray, reflect on what you are doing, on how you are doing that and, mainly, to WHO you are speaking. Think about who you are and think of the Goodness of the Almighty, Who is always ready to listen to you.

It’s commendable that you set a daily commitment to prayer: it’s helpful that you have rules of life and a spiritual path; but the most necessary of all is Love. Therefore ask your God with filial love, like children that run to their father and, first of all, they embrace Him with affection. Moreover children are also teaches to have many desires and to ask persistently what they want. They know well that their insistences aren’t unnoticed, but they always get some result. They know that, if they ask the right thing and if they behave well, they have a good change of getting what they want. Learn from children because they don’t hold grudges for too long if they aren’t fulfilled. Learn from children to be elated with joy when they receive the gifts, whether they want them or not. And like children, give thanks with joy and rejoice with the One Who loves you and has done good to you.

Learn from children to be spontaneous and true, learn to be yourself, destroying the mental infrastructure accumulated over time. Live the present day in all its fullness and be amazed at the hidden beauties even in the most common everyday actions. If you aren’t able to imitate the saints, imitate the children, because children know how to love their parents. For a true prayer you must ask love also for the brothers: all the good you ask for you even ask it for all, trusting in the Divine Wisdom that will perfect your requests.

Love everyone and don’t forget that you are invited to be perfect as perfect is your Father (Mt 5,48). Every human person is your brother and don’t make preferences, like your Father Who has no preference. You have to love first, love without expecting anything in return, love who makes you suffer, love everybody following with docility the Spirit of Love that guides you to be true sons of the Father and brothers of Jesus Christ. Brotherly love is prayer that is expressed in words and actions.

Prayer is Love that you get from God and to share with the brothers: it’s diffusive grace and it’s supernatural work, which descends from above in your lives and in the human history. The time spent in prayer and in charity works, is geared to eternity and will be your pride when you will appear in front of the Just and Merciful Judge.

Pray, my littles, pray with simplicity and love, pray for all and especially for the Holy Church. Fight with Me the good fight of faith. Follow Jesus and Me in the fights against the forces of evil and remember that Jesus won, He wins and  He will always win.


I bless you together with Saint Joseph.


Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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