When a joint returns to the Father

My little dears, The suffering often visits your days: troubles, illnesses and sufferings of every kind, in which excels the mourning of a dear person. The physical separation, especially by the family members with whom you live or you have lived the everyday and the most important events of your life, sees finish a form of love relationship based on concrete gestures. It’s correct cry for this that comes to miss, but you can’t only focus on that. It’s necessary, instead, to go back to the basics on faith in God, Who have provided for the future life of everybody and the reunification in Him of all the earthly loves, for the parents, brothers or sisters, spouses, son or daughter or friends. The physical separation are a step of the great journey of the life that continues for the eternity. Encourage your hearts in the hope, because God doesn’t disappoint and the future glory of the redeemed is unimaginable. When you see someone dear to you in agony, your heart suffers a lot, and rightly, because the compassion is proper to the man, created to Imagine and Likeness of God, but don’t stop there. This body that you see suffering is like an old dress that must be removed, and often with pains, but there’s an happy end, like for the labor pains. Don’t judge as unfair that the Good God calls to Himself the young, because, when their earthly life is accomplished, is right that they return to the Father’s House, without delay. The Wisdom of God is infinitely greater than your capacity to understand and His ways are ways of endless Love and Joy. Rather pray for the salvation of all the souls and especially for those who you love, without missing the concrete charity through works of assistance. Appeal to God’s Mercy, for you and either for your loved ones that have left you or are leaving you. They need your prayers and also you need to pray for them and for yourself, imploring for all the Divine Mercy. Ask forgiveness to God for your and the other failings. Don’t worry demanding you if you had done all the necessary for the most efficient medical assistance. Remember that nobody can add a single hour to its life and this also for the people entrusted to you. When the appointed time arrives, God calls for the future life. Christ is Resurrect and also you’ll resurrect in Him, because you were from Him redeemed. Your dead aren’t dead, and they’ll never die, because they have in them an immortal spirit. You will find them: you haven’t lost them, they are physically removed and if it’s happened is because it’s the best thing for them, but the Good God has looked pitifully also to your suffering and He supports you, calling you to the heart prayer and to the faith in the Redemption operated by Jesus Christ. Search and find refuge in God, because He is waiting to console you as only He can do. Pray for your relatives and for all, to decrease the purification time, and then it will be an endless happiness in the Day without evening. Pray for the salvation of all souls and pray for the souls of Purgatory! I’m with you every day to assist you maternally. I love you and I bless you, my littles.


                                                                Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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