Live as brothers in Christ

My little dears, don’t forget that you are sons of the Father and brothers in Christ. Don’t forget that you are all members. Remember that you are “one in Jesus Christ” and members of the only Body, the Church, of which Jesus Christ is the Lord. As you live in the world, even if you aren’t of the world, you are undergoing in inner struggles to practice charity as the Lord’s Will, Jesus Christ. You are invited to fight your selfishness, that can be strong and domineering and can incite you to make prevail your reasons whenever you are in conflict with the thoughts of the others. You are also invited to fight the folding on yourself, because it is very dangerous. It’s easy to speak well, but you aren’t consistent in what you say in living your faith and in the practice of the charity. Yet Jesus was clear saying:”By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one other”.  The fraternal charity has countless shades and it isn’t possible to list  all of them, but mainly it begins with the good relationship lived in harmony, indeed in the Peace of Christ. As you are all imperfect and no one is free from defects, it’s necessary the mutual forbearance for love to God, for love to the other and for love to yourself. Love has always a Trinitarian dimension. You know and believe that God can get right from evil and that His ways aren’t your ways. Be humble, because humility and charity always go hand in hand. Don’t feel superior to nobody and don’t look to the defects of the others without first having looked at yours. In your heart, as in that of your brothers, there’s good and evil. Taking for example a field, in it grows even good grain and weed and they will stay together until the last day. You can cultivate good grain in the field of your brother, making grow the good that is in it, with good and uplifting words and actions. Don’t give, instead, any look to the weeds, but present to the Good God, through the prayer,  your and of the others spiritual infirmities, asking Him to heal you. I assure you that He will heal you in a right and wise proportion to your humility, because differently you can become proud, incurring in an even bigger evil. If you will be humble and you will put everything in the Hands of the One who’s called “Prince of Peace”,  for you will not be difficult to bear the trifles of who unawares irritate your sensibility. If you will be humble, isn’t difficult for you to bear unkindnesses and also big injustices. Live peaceably among you, like brothers related by the love of Jesus, Who has endured all to save you from the sin and to recreate you in a new life through the Redemption in His Blood. Let you be corrected, humbly, by the Lord Jesus, because He’s always Sweet and Tender even if, to heal you, He must mortify your proud. If you will be humble, you can became His instruments also for the brotherly correction of the others, if necessary, but be careful to not take selfish actions to state your reasons, because only what is God’s Will is right, good and holy. Therefore, you must always and in everything  look for the Will and the Glory of your God. Live like brothers in Christ, in order to grow in grace joined to Him, all together, as members of the only Body, the Mystical Body of the Lord: the Holy Church. Pray for My intentions. Pray for the Church. Pray for all.  I love you and I bless you keeping all of you in My Immaculate Heart.


Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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