A parable on prayer

A queen was sad because she saw that many of her servants were evil and the King was righteously indignant towards them. They were bad men and women, that were doing all kinds of evil, that they hated each other and they had no respect for the weak and good people. The King lit up of anger toward them, because they disturbed the peace of his kingdom and they inflicted suffering to innocents. He was plagued for all the evil that he saw, he wanted them to repent but he saw no sign that did foreshadow what. These servants were worthy of death.

The queen tried to do the mediatrix, because she saw that in the kingdom the bad and good were together, often they were part of the same family and the death of the wicked would also caused undeserved pain to those who loved them. It was necessary to save the wicked from the death penalty and to reward the good ones for their correct behaviour.

The queen knew well that love always wins.

She called her faithful servants and she confided them her pain due to the wicked.

She asked them to pray God for their conversion, and to invite to pray with them all their friends and acquaintances that are kind and generous, because all together should raise a chorus of supplication to God who “doesn’t want the death of the sinner but his conversion and that he lives.”

The servants were very attached to the queen and they willingly executed her orders, because the queen was good and amiable. So, they began to pray for the intention of their beloved queen and they invited many friends and acquaintances to pray with them.

The number of the good servants that prayed for the intentions of the queen grew day after day, and becoming a known fact, also the King had news about this matter.

So the King asked to the queen what were the intentions for which so many faithful servants gathered in prayer and the queen, as usual, said him the truth.

The King was deeply touched for the goodness of the queen, because she was always pitiable towards the poor and the needy people. The King had a lot of admiration for the queen, because he knew well that she was right and she always rewarded the good deeds with magnanimity. The mercy of the queen was for all and she didn’t do differences, because she loved also those who didn’t deserve it.

The King, knowing the situation, take his decision: saved the wicked from the death while reserving them the burden to atone the evil committed. He rewarded generously all the servants who had prayed with love towards the queen and the evil servants and by the end he gave glory to the queen who had acted as mediatrix  and she had helped him to save what was lost.

My dear sons,

Help Me to help Jesus, who came to earth to save what was lost.

You are His Mystical Body and you are invited to continue His Mission on the earth.

You must PRAY, PRAY, PRAY because I need your prayer for  the eternal salvation of  myriad of souls away from God. I need you prayer to obtain the necessary graces to all those don’t pray. I need your prayer to lead you on the path to holiness.

Meditate the parable on prayer.

I love you and I bless you


Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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