25.08.2016 – The prayers are rewarded.

My little dears,

I come to ask you again to pray for all and I say you that your effort to fulfil My request is rewarded by the Heavenly Father, because this’s the God’s Will: that you pray for all your brothers.

Think back to the Gospel, when Jesus wanted to feed the multitude. What did He do?

He asks to His disciples how much food they had. It was implied that He wanted it all, without any part kept for the disciples. The quantity that they possessed was very modest, not enough either for the disciples. They obeyed to their Master and Lord, giving the few they had, that’s waiving their own selfishness and Jesus multiplied the small amount for all the presents, that were  satiated. And some hampers remained full and kept for the following needs of those or others.

Something similar happens in the prayer.

Blessed the disciples that waive any grace for themselves but pray for My intentions, with constancy and perseverance. Like the disciples of the Gospel, they will be satisfied with divine superabundance from Who has the power to multiply the Good and the Will to do it, for His beloved sons.

Blessed the disciples of Jesus that in every time offer their prayer for the needs of the others, I assure you that they will not lose their reward.

So pray for all, because Jesus said that all the good that you give for the little ones  (in need) you have done it for Him. Through the prayer you have the power to collaborate with your God and with Me, for the advent of the Kingdom. You can’t imagine how humanity has fallen down and how urgent and necessary is that believers offer their time and their prayer together with the good christian witness!

Pray without stopping, because the prayer offered is work of charity, and for your good  conscience, Jesus is with you and multiples the good that you do and He rewards you greatly in the present and future life.

Don’t lose time in useless thoughts and words, but engage yourself in your journey of faith and prayer.

I bless you and I’m with you with maternal solicitude.

                                                  Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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