20.08.2016 – Who follows Jesus, he shall no wants.

My little sons, I come to remember you the eternal truths. God in His Wisdom ask you to follow Jesus and He gives you, trough Him, all what you need, indeed  He gives you much more, with divine over-abundance so, to your turn, you can give your help to the others.

And you, what do you do? You follow the logic of a corrupt world and you forget the greatness of your christian calling. The Gospel is read superficially, without devotion and without right intention. Too many people believe to be on the right way, but in the truth, they are following their pride and they put God in the second place.

“Do what Jesus told you”, if you want to find the present and future happiness. Why you get lost in thousand harmful or sterile thoughts instead to find the salvation in God?

Why you try to avoid the cross? Don’t you remember that Jesus said that who wants to follow Him, first of all must take His cross and after follow Him? To take Your cross doesn’t mean only to accept It by force, but it means to believe that It’s instrument  of salvation and it’s necessary for your life.

Why you observe the other, desiring the goods of your brothers and abhorring the troubles that you have? Because, in the deep of your heart, you don’t believe that God is Good and Right and you think that He makes differences in loving His sons!

Repent you, My sons. Repent you immediately because times are bad and your sufferings are fruitful insofar they are received in faith, so you can be God’s collaborators in the construction of the Kingdom of Love and Joy.

Jesus knows well your weakness and He has compassion for  you. He helps you continuously and with Him also the impossible can become possible. Have faith in God and bond you to the sequel of My Divine Son, remembering every day His immense love for each of you. I assure you that who follows Jesus, he shall no wants, and however is your life condition, you can find in Him all what your heart desires. So, have faith for your present and future life and pray without stopping. Pray for My intentions of Mother of the humanity.

Be witness of the Love of God, exercising you concretely in charity and pray for all, specially for those who don’t pray. Don’t stop to implore the Divine Mercy for the whole world and you live serene under My mantle. Be a prayerful army to be participants of the victory of Jesus Christ on the evil’s power.

I’m with you every day: I’m your Good Mother that always helps you and intercedes for the needs of your life. Don’t forget Me, because I don’t forget you.

So, you live in the Blessing of God and of your Mother, without forgetting My Holy Groom, Saint Joseph, that as he exercised his lovely paternity to Jesus, so now he exercises his fatherhood to His Mystical Body. A day you’ll exult of happiness when you’ll understand how many graces got you Saint Joseph!

Remember you that every day has enough troubles of its own, live in faith, without worrying the future, because the Heavenly Father gives you every day, the daily bread.

I love you and I bless you

Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

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