Multiplication prayers


Jesus’ Message on 13th October 2002


On that date Jesus said to His servant:

Dear children, the prayer of mankind is still not enough. Man’s prayer is needed for the daily bread, because the earth must be linked to heaven through prayers.

You can see what things are like on your planet. The need of prayers is greater than you can imagine. Evil is spreading.

But where sin is overflowing, grace is plentiful and for this reason God, in His infinite Wisdom, has chosen ‘a scanty flock’ through whom He works miracles.

They are a multitude of little ones,

whom everyone is called to join.

It is the army of my Blessed Mother.




I, Jesus, promise anyone who is willing to help me in this work, provided he is in a state of grace and with a prayerful soul ( Rosary, the Holy Mass) and says the prayers I suggest, A THOUSANDFOLD MULTIPLICATION!


Every ejaculatory prayer lets Me save a soul,

But I who am the God of the Multiplication of Good,


I recommend 33 of them  most of which you already know.

Pray the way you want, when you can, the way you are able to but, please, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!


Never have I lavished so much along the history of the Church!

If you believe that nothing is impossible to God, then start now.

I want the flame of my love to blaze all over the world!

When there was the need of bread, I multiplied it:

Now we need prayers and I shall multiply them!

This is a miracle you have been gifted with

by Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

You needn’t say all the 33 ejaculatory prayers in the sequence they are listed. Pray

just as your heart tells you.

However I remind you that I would most like

my Very Precious Blood to be offered every day ( ejaculatory n.33) .

I remind you to be steadfast in praying the Holy Rosary and in receiving the sacraments.


Multiplication Prayers:


  1. Virgin Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who beseech you
  2. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now
  3. and in the hour of our death
  4. Sacred Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, save us
  5. Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, protect us
  6. Let your Face shine on us, our Lord
  7. Stay with us, our Lord
  8. My Mother, trust and hope, I confide in you and give myself to you
  9. Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save all souls
  10. Let the Cross be my light
  11. Saint Joseph, patron saint of the Universal Church, protect our families
  12. Come, Lord Jesus
  13. Infant Jesus, forgive me, Infant Jesus, bless me
  14. Most Holy Divine Providence, provide for our present needs
  15. Blood and water, which gushed from the heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy, I trust in you
  16. My God, I love you and thank you
  17. Jesus, king of all Nations, let Your Kingdom, be recognized on Earth
  18. Saint Michael the Archangel, guardian of Christ Kingdom on Earth, protect us
  19. Have pity on me, Lord, have pity on me
  20. May Jesus in the Most Sacred Sacrament be praised and thanked at every moment
  21. Come, Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth
  22. All Saints of God, show us the Gospel Way
  23. Holy Souls in Purgatory, intercede for us
  24. Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of your infinite Mercy
  25. I adore you, Lord Jesus and bless you because, thanks to your sacred cross, you have redeemed the world
  26. I adore you, Lord Jesus and I bless you because by your Holy
  27. Cross you have redeemed the whole world
  28. Father, my good Father, I offer myself to you, I give myself up to you
  29. Jesus, spare me, for the sake of the tears of your Most Holy Mother
  30. God, Saviour Crucified, inflames my soul with love; give me faith and courage for the salvation of my brethren
  31. God, forgive our sins, heal our wounds and renew our hearts so as we may be one with you
  32. Holy guardian angels, preserve us from every snare of the devil
  33. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit
  34. May the God of all consolation grant us peace in our days and bestow the love of the Holy Spirit on us
  35. Eternal father, I offer you the most precious Blood of Jesus, in union with all the Holy Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere in the universal church, for those in my own home and in my family. Amen



I promise  that whoever says a prayer of multiplication for 33 times, for 9 consecutive days

( provided he is in a state of grace and with a prayerful soul) , he shall get any grace from my Merciful Heart, for himself  or his brother, provided it is proper for salvation

The novena shall be preceded by the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and the request, simple and trustful, of what one desires.

If this novena is recited as a prayer of intercession, it shall be very powerful on my Merciful Heart and shall get the grace of conversion

If this novena is recited for a soul in Purgatory, it shall get the immediate softening of its penance and the quickening of liberation, from my Merciful Heart

For all those who believe that nothing is impossible to God, that trust in My Merciful Heart and say the novena with all the 33 prayers of multiplication, I promise they shall be astounded by the overflowing of grace that shall pour out upon all their families ( 33 x 33)

Finally I promise that whoever says a prayer of multiplication for 33 times, even for a single day, he shan’t miss his reward

I am thirsty for love, I am thirsty for souls!

He who prays whenever he can, according to the duties of his state, while he performs his daily duties, he shall be My friend and shall enjoy the fruit of My friendship.

He shall be blessed because I am thirsty and you give me to drink

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