Crown of the Disciple

22nd September 2005 (Saint Maurizio)


Today I, the Father, come to you, dear sons, for give you a great gift of My Mercy.

I realise this Desire of My Heart Three times Holy because now is time of the fulfilment. It’s time that many of you will rightly welcome the Gift of the Heavenly Father. I used my instruments to begin this devotion that must be propagated up to the ends of the Earth. Probably many of you will say:” An other Devotion… There are already so many…” And you may be right that there are many, but your God hasn’t limits and if He comes to you with a proposal of Devotion, He is motivated by reasons that I will not tell you.

Always I invite you to have Faith and to listen more the Voice of your God and not the voice of yourself. You are a bit blind, with your spirit and you don’t know where to go … Instead I conduce you day after day in the right way but I need your approval to my Will.

So listen: this Devotion isn’t validated with great promises for you because I demand from you Faith.

I came to let you know Me and I gave you many Words of Light and if you have listened and believed to them, you must trust Me.

This Devotion is the fruit of Love of a Father that comes to group the missing sons … a Father who wants to enlighten the minds and to warm the hearts of pure love. Because I want that dissipated the darkness (inside you), you can live in the light of the sons of God and you can make your choices freely without surrender to the accuser. Have Faith in Me.

Here is the prayer that I propose you:



This Crown is composed by 33 grains divided in three groups of eleven.

Then there are just three grains and end with a Medal of Three Hearts.

You begin from the Medal and pray the Apostle’s Creed.

With the three grains you pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Then, in the three groups of 11 grains, you pray in order, the following prayers:


Holy Heart of Father, My Creator, receive me.

I return to You, renovating my baptismal promises:

I renounce for ever to Satan and I give myself entirely to Jesus

Christ My Saviour.

Have mercy on me!

(x 11 times)


Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Mother, receive me.

I return to You renovating my promises of Confirmation:

I want to be a witness of my faith in words and works.

Have mercy on me!

(x 11 times)


Holy Heart of Jesus, My Brother and Groom, receive me.

I return to You renovating my consecration in every Eucharistic Communion:

I want to be bind to Your Saving  Mission.

Have mercy on me!

(x 11 times)


Why I have named it Crown of Disciple?

Because I ask you to become disciples of your Father and I remember you that this’s a great Grace that you receive through Jesus and Mary. It’s only through Their Blood and Their Tears that I come to you. Remember always that your salvation has been paid dearly by Jesus and Mary and you can’t be thankful enough to Them.

So I come to let you know Me and to let you know yourself through My Light. Oh, dear sons … Be patient as I’m patient… These aren’t miracles that can be realised in few minutes… On the contrary!

I don’t want a distracted and hasty prayer from you … I don’t want this. I want the conversion of your heart, I want your heart and the full adherence of your will to Me.

Why I want this? Because I want you happy. I have no other purposes, I assure it to you.

As a Father teaches to his littles ones, I come to you and I make Me simple and little as you, so you can reach Me without fear, and when you’ll begin to know Me you’ll also understand how much I’m worthy of love and so you’ll have only the holy fear to hurt Me.

My dear little ones, you need Me. I’m your refuge and your defence in these times… There’s many evil on earth that also your faith can fade … This mustn’t happen!

I’ve always said that for the prayer of the righteous I would  reduced  the troubled days and I’ve also said that from the little ones  I would received  a praise because the littles and the simple ones are preferred to My Compassionate and Rightful Heart.

To be disciples of the Father doesn’t mean to expect great things, it means simply to live in Grace, given to you from Jesus trough the Church. But often you are engaged in temporal matters and you don’t reserve enough time to pray and to deepen the truths of your faith. You consider all for obviously  and for this reason you understand nothing because you aren’t  interested to what’s important for your soul.

Be sure that if you want seriously convert you, will never fail what’s  more useful for you, because I, by Myself, take care of each  soul … I repeat … Of each  soul and so also of yours.

How to become disciples of the Father? First of all you must want it  and you must begin to pray with all your heart and in the secret of your heart, sure that your Father is with you and that He listens to you.

To pray the Crown of Disciples means to know the truths that you say.

That means the meditation on the prayers that there are: … Apostle’s Creed … Our Father … Hail Mary…

Isn’t enough to say … You must understand and believe what you say.

You must open the treasure chest of the heart and rediscover the Gifts that you’ve received time ago: baptism, confirmation and you must join to them with your heart and with renewed knowledge.

By the end you must put in the centre of your spiritual life JESUS EUCHARIST: God is with you.

Do you understand My Words?


The Only Promise that I give to this Devotion is that My Special Blessing will be with you because I’ll be with you every day when you will pray it and if you will pray it every day, I’ll be with you every day and I’ll give you Light for you and for your brothers because you are Sons of the Light and as lighted lamps you must burn of pure love and enlighten the world.


And if My Special Blessing is received by you with a simple heart and  good will, you’ll be blessed and instruments of blessing. I’ll conduce you with Paternal Tenderness in the earthly life and I’ll give you the future glory that you receive thanks to the merits of Jesus and Mary and of all the saints that intercede for you.


And for this Special Blessing I’ll give you great power of intercession to obtain many blessings to be spread around the world …. That’s already in spiritual agony.


And for this Special Blessing, you blessed sons will bless your God and you’ll give glory to the Holy Heat of Your Father and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Holy Heart of Jesus.


My love is the way on which you walk.

I love you all, I love you infinitely, I love you tenderly.

Your  Father

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